Product Information
Product : Stress €15.00
Title   Stress
The every-day stresses of our lives and how to manage them
Speaker   Germaine Morrissey MA (Psych.); MICP
Date   2003
Venue   Studio Recording, Ireland
Product Details   Single Audio CD
This is a single audio CD covering the following topics:
  Learning from the Tortoise
  Step Number One
- Know Yourself
- The Masks we wear
  Personality Types 'A' and 'B'
  What motivates you?
- The Enneagram Theory of Personality
- The Nine Types
  Step Number Two
- Know your Warning Signs
- Our Primitive Stress Response
  Breathing Exercise
- Physical Exercise
- Nutrition
- Time Management
  Getting Help
  Positive Self-Talk
- The Enneagram Revisited
  Irrational Beliefs
  Using Imagination
  Visual Imagery Exercise
- Integration
- Always Remember the Tortoise
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