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Product : Prayer in the style of Anthony De Mello
Lighting the Fire
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Title   Prayer in the style of Anthony De Mello
Lighting the Fire
Speaker   John Callanan
Date   April 2003
Venue   Studio Recording, Dublin, Ireland
Product Details   2 Audio CD Box Set
CD 1:   The Bird & Meeting Christ at a Riverside Place
CD 2:   The Mirror & The Prodigal Son and Accepting Myself
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Fr John Callanan, a follower of spiritual guide and retreat director Tony de Mello, has here collected together a series of subjects for meditation based on the methods used by the Indian Jesuit priest. Firmly believing that preparation is paramount when leading prayer and meditation workshops, contentsincludes advice on choosing a suitable occasion, and tips on how to relax and allow oneself to be open to the Holy Spirit. He then sets out a series of meditations, based on the teachings of Tony de Mello, which encompass all aspects of our spiritual life.
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