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Product : 12 talks €20.00
Title   12 talks
Speaker   John Main OSB
Product Details   2 Audio CD set
CD 1:
  Track 1:   Introduction
  Track 2:   The Tradition Of The Mantra Part 1
  Track 3:   The Tradition Of The Mantra Part 2
  Track 4:   Saying The Mantra Part 1
  Track 5:   Saying The Mantra Part 2
  Track 6:   Leaving Self Behind
  Track 7:   John Cassian
CD 2:
  Track 1:   Set Your Mind on the Kingdom
  Track 2:   Realizing Our Personal Harmony Part 1
  Track 3:   Realizing Our Personal Harmony Part 2
  Track 4:   A Present Reality
  Track 5:   Christian Community Part 1
  Track 6:   Christian Community Part 2
About John Main
Through the centuries, people have sought teachers to inspire them and have formed communities of pilgrims with whom to journey. One such community is the Christian Meditation Community in Canada, founded and inspired by Fr. John Main O.S.B.
John Main (1926-1982) first encountered the universal tradition of meditation in the far East when he met a Hindu monk. Later, after he became a Benedictine monk of Ealing Abbey in London, through study and research he discovered a tradition of meditation rooted in Christianity, dating back to the early Desert Mothers and Fathers of the 4th century.
Eventually, he came to the conclusion that there was a close connection between the "oratio pura" of Christian monastic tradition and the particular style of meditation practice that he had been introduced to by the Hindu monk.
The common factor was the use of a "mantra" or holy word that is continuously repeated interiorly to achieve a state of mental stillness devoid of distracting thought. It is within this stillness that one can overcome the ego and all those distractions which keep us from the knowledge of our true self and the experience of the in-dwelling Christ.
In 1977, Fr. John was invited to start a small Benedictine community in Montreal. His influence was demonstrated by the increasing number of meditators who arrived each day at the monastery to practise this newly-found "prayer of silence". After his death in 1982, Fr. Bede Griffith, who had also immersed himself in the "east-west" spiritual dialogue, described John Main as the "most important spiritual guide in the church today.
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