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Product : Celtic Spirituality €30.00
Title   Celtic Spirituality
Speaker   John Moriarty
Date   July 2007
Venue   Glendalough, Ireland
Product Details   4 Audio CD Box Set
This is a 4 audio CD box set.
About John Moriarty
John Moriarty was born in Kerry in 1938 and educated at Listowel and University College Dublin. He taught English literature at Manitoba University in Canada for six years, before returning to Ireland in 1971. Sometime gardener, lecturer and broadcaster, in 1997 he hosted a major RTE television series, ‘The Blackbird and the Bell’. He is author of Dreamtime (1994/99), and the two other volumes of Turtle Was Gone a Long Time: Crossing the Kedron (1996) and Anaconda Canoe (1998). He lived at the Horse’s Glen near Mangerton Mountain in north Kerry.

‘John Moriarty is Ireland's most outstanding philosopher-theologian since Bishop Berkeley in the eighteenth century.' - Paul Durcan

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