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ÉIST Conference Recording Service

ÉIST Recording Services provides conference audio recording and on-site compact disc and cassette tape duplication services at lectures, conferences & meetings nationwide. A CD-ROM containing all available session handouts & power point presentations may also be included. The CD-ROM can also contain association news and links to important association information. This is a great education-learning tool.

This service provides recordings of sessions given, minutes after they conclude. These recordings can reinforce what you heard or missed, encouraging attendees not to have to take notes. They are the live presentations heard earlier, not pre-recorded!

In most cases, we rely on the sales to the attendees. If the past sales are not available, a guarantee of sales will be needed. The on-site guarantee is for recordings sold. After the guarantee is reached, on-site or post-conference, a royalty payable to the association or sponsoring organization is provided. Companies can also use our services to supply complimentary copies for their own promotional use.

The Compact Disc price ranges from 2.50 euro - 15.00 euro.

ÉIST Recordings will provide two complimentary audio sets to the organization. We can create the finished product in full colour, incorporating your company logo etc.

This is our standard service!

Conference Recording


  1. Usually no financial obligation to the sponsoring organization for ÉIST's services and/or technical arrangements. ÉIST normally covers its own recording and travel expenses.
  2. A suggested cd price mutually agreed to between the sponsoring organization and ÉIST.
  3. A royalty on cd sales paid by ÉIST Recording. Royalty is based upon past or anticipated cd sales and/or number of attendees, and the agreed upon cd price.
  4. Order forms, printed cd's and personalized covers with the sponsoring organization's logo and name.
  5. Complementary set of CD's for the sponsoring organization.
  6. Recording personnel and sales staff experienced in conference recording and working with conference attendees.

In most cases there is no charge for our services. We cover our own travel and recording expenses. Depending on sales, your organization can receive revenue from Cd's. (If we make money, you should benefit too.) You will receive two sets of conference CD's at no charge. We will provide the cd order forms at the conference. All orders, on-site and post conference, will be received by us. We do ask that you provide us with sales booth space near the registration desk in a high traffic area. While at the conference if you need anything, all you have to do is ask, whether it relates to our job or not. We offer ourselves as a support team!


The sponsoring organization can solicit one or several of its exhibitors, primary vendors or supporting associate members. In return for the sponsorship, ÉIST will produce and insert an announcement or commercial about the sponsor's company at the beginning of cd's sold.

Tuesday 17 July, 2018